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What autistic job candidates can expect from auticon’s recruitment process

auticon is the largest technology employer of individuals on the autism spectrum. Whether you want to start a career in technology or already have experience and want to reach your full potential in an autism-friendly environment, auticon has a career pathway for you.

Interviewing is a scary process for anyone, but for people on the autism spectrum there can be even more barriers to success in a traditional interview. Traditionally, interviews are designed are around the potential candidate “selling” themselves for a role. The interviewer is often evaluating this “selling” ability and other non-job-related social skills as much as the actual skill needed for the job. This is not only discriminatory towards autistic people, but also is not going to get the best person for the role. That’s why at auticon we only evaluate you based on your technical and measurable skills relevant to the role for which you applied. 

Here’s what you can expect from auticon’s recruitment process 

After submitting your resume for the role that best fits your technical skills, career background, or desired career path, someone from our recruiting team will reach out to you. Sometimes they may first contact you with some general questions about location, experience, other details, or ask you to complete a survey that lists your skills and experience. 

The informal chat is our version of a first phone interview. But relax, this is not a traditional interview. We don’t even bother using the word interview because our employees have let us know that the word causes them anxiety. This first chat will be with a member of our recruiting team and is simply to allow us to give you more details about our recruitment process, get to know you and your skills a little bit, and for you to get to know auticon better and ask us any questions you may have. After this chat, if you’re interested and your skills are a potential match for the role, we will move onto a technical evaluation. 

It’s important to note that during and in-between each of these steps we strive to be as open and communicative as possible. We want you to know what to expect and we encourage questions about any part of the process. 

The technical evaluation is exactly what it sounds like, an evaluation of your technical skills. This includes an online assessment that helps us understand what types of projects you would be best at and, if applicable to the role you are applying to, a coding challenge that is also completed online. The technical evaluation will be tailored to the role you’re applying for to ensure that your skills match what we need for that specific role. After completing at least one online assessment, you will then have a tech chat with one of our tech leads so that we are able to learn more about your technical skills and experience. 

The informal chat with our Job Coach happens after the technical evaluation. This conversation is an opportunity for our Job Coach to learn what an optimal work environment looks like for you and an opportunity for you to ask questions about the job coaching support you will receive at auticon. 

Once you have completed these steps, a member of our recruitment team will follow-up with you to let you know if we are able to hire you. 

If you were not the right fit for the role, we always keep resumes on file and truly consider previously interviewed candidates for future roles. 

If you were the right fit for the role, then the process will vary here depending on the role and client demand or a project start date. Our recruiting and HR team will be in close contact to answer questions and help with onboarding.