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Quality Assurance
and Testing

auticon consultants have unique skills that make them exceptional quality assurance testers – with the ability to notice patterns, identify anomalies, and focus over extended periods with little mental fatigue: Rather than looking for errors, auticon consultants intuitively see errors. Rather than merely carrying out repetitive tasks, they complete these with enthusiasm, exceptional attention to detail and sustained concentration. Bugs don’t stand a chance when auticon consultants apply their unique visual and analytical abilities.

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Quality Assurance Testing
and Test Case Automation

Our team reviews requirements and develops both test plans and test cases using industry standard techniques and conventions. Additionally, we provide functional, periodic regression, bug hunts, localization, web accessibility, API, and data validation of systems to ensure product works as designed to deliver positive user experience.


We provide implementation of best practices, tool selection, and strategic guidance around automation and performance testing.

We provide gap analysis of existing test suite, creation, and maintenance of customized test scripts for test acceleration. This includes subject matter expertise with deep industry experience in front-end UI and back-end API automation experience in a quality assurance environment using multiple devices and medians with CI/CD integration.

Recording automated or manual scripts and running them on previously tested software after each release, or along side additional performance / load / stress testing.

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Test planning and advisory services

Disaster Recovery Testing

Accessibility Testing

Survive a natural disaster or cyberattack by ensuring your Disaster Recovery plan will recover valuable IT systems. Our team will test core functionality of critical applications in DR environments.

Our team tests against accessibility standards, including WCAG and ADA Section 508 to ensure websites and mobile applications are accessible to all including those with disabilities.

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Advantages of autism in QA Testing​

Our consultants are highly skilled and productive

Our consultants on the autism spectrum are known for their ability to focus on detail and avoid common distractions. On average, our clients report a significant increase in productivity when working with our autistic colleagues.

Our job coaches and project managers keep us on track

auticon’s job coaches and project managers play a central role in the success of our colleagues through regular collaboration and support for the members of our team.

The autism advantage for business

Working with people who think dierently has clear advantages when it comes to innovation and finding solutions to complex tasks and issues. Through their first class quality of work, unparalleled productivity, openness, and honesty, our colleagues on the autism spectrum deliver unique advantages through measurable business impact.

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