Networking & Community Event – How to prepare

Our Networking & Community event is coming up on Tuesday, September, 14th 2021 at The Fawcett Center at The Ohio State University. 

Here is everything you need to know.

What to expect:
You can expect to meet some of the leaders of auticon including our CEO and Head of Recruitment and Community Partnerships. You will be able to learn how auticon recruits, what types of candidates, clients, and community partners we are looking for, and what types of jobs and career growth we have available. We will also have guest speakers and food and drinks — there’s even free parking on site! Please note that as of August 2nd Ohio State does have an indoor mask mandate.

Who should come:
Job seekers who have an autism diagnosis with at least 1 year of experience in tech who want to work at auticon now

  • More junior job seekers or future job seekers who aspire to one day work at auticon including those who have a passion for tech and who are computer science majors
  • Regional Center leaders with connections to the autism community
  • University job placement evangelists and recruiters
  • Autism advocates who are invested in finding employment for autistic adults
  • Corporate hiring managers who are interesting in becoming an auticon client
  • Parents and families of autistic job candidates

What to bring as a job seeker:
If you’re coming as a job seeker, it’s always best to come prepared! At auticon, we pride ourselves on our low-stress, autism-friendly recruitment process, our Head of Recruitment is even autistic herself! Because of this, we will never be interviewing you in a traditional sense and want you to feel comfortable throughout every step of the process. If you have a resume, bring it along so our recruiting team can take a look on the spot. Feel free to write down some questions you want to ask about our process, accommodations, what it’s like working at auticon, or anything else you might want to know! Because we will try to answer as many questions as possible, it would be a good idea to bring a notebook or tablet to take notes on. Finally, go ahead and bring your AAC device if needed and any sensory aids like fidget toys or ear defenders, plus your preferred mask so you can be comfortable at our event.

As a job seeker attending the event, can I bring a parent, aid, or friend?
This is a community event, so we want to welcome all members of the Columbus autism community. If you’re an autistic job seeker, anyone close to you would definitely count in this category! We rely on community members to spread the word about auticon, and the more informed they are about us, the better. However, if you plan to come and speak to a member of the auticon recruiting team, remember, if we hire you, we’re hiring you so we want to get to know you as an individual.

What to wear as a job seeker:
At auticon we don’t have a dress code of any kind. We want all of our consultants to wear what they are comfortable in, for personal and sensory reasons. So please, come dressed in whatever you feel best in. In case it helps to know, we the auticon team will be dressed business casual.

Other FAQ’s
I’m an autistic job seeker with no background in tech, can I come?
Due to client demand, auticon is looking to immediately hire people who have some professional experience in technology. However, if you have a strong interest in tech, have been coding for fun for a while, or have a computer science degree, come along and learn how you can get on track to work at auticon!

I’m an autistic job seeker who doesn’t want to work in tech, do you have any jobs for me?
At auticon, we have autistic employees working throughout the company in non-technical roles including recruiting, marketing, and finance, but we have a very small team and are not actively hiring for any non-tech roles at this time.

*What types of jobs do you hire for?
We hire in data analytics, software engineering, salesforce development, data science, quality assurance automation, and more. We do not currently hire in some other common tech fields like UI/UX, game design, or traditional IT roles like help desk or systems administration.