Networking & Community Event – How to prepare

Our Networking & Community event is coming up on Tuesday, September, 14th 2021 at The Fawcett Center at The Ohio State University.  Here is everything you need to know. What to expect:You can expect to meet some of the leaders of auticon including our CEO and Head of Recruitment and Community Partnerships. You will be […]


Sir Richard Branson behind jobs for autistic at auticon

Social enterprise businesses like auticon cannot get off the ground without amazing investors who believe in our mission and our people. One of those investors is Sir Richard Branson and The Virgin Group who first invested in auticon in October of 2016. Virgin repeatedly invests in companies like auticon because of their own values. Sir […]

Employment tips

A history of providing jobs for autistic people

Columbus is auticon’s newest office and we’re so excited to be here to offer careers for the autistic community and amazing talent for the many companies based here. A lot of people approach us and say, “hey, how did auticon, a German company, get to Ohio?”. This blog will explain auticon’s history and its path […]

Work life

My perspective: working at auticon as an autistic person

If you have been checking out auticon’s social media at all, then you have already met Louise. She is one of our non-technical autistic employees, and this is an interview sharing her path to success at auticon.  What is your role at auticon and how long have you been there?  My official title is Executive […]

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