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As a leading employer of autistic adults in Ohio, auticon closely matches our consultants to your data and technology requirements, office culture, and neurodiversity goals. That’s why we say, #AutismWorksInOhio

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Technology jobs for autistic 
adults in Ohio

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auticon has over 200 technology consultants on assignment with our global clients. Now, we’ve partnered with One Columbus to bring local autistic talent to Ohio’s business community.

We train and employ adults with autism as quality assurance analysts and we hire experienced tech consultants to work on complex projects. We specialize in software testing, automation, software development, data analytics, AI, cyber security, and more.

Data Services

Let our high-performing autistic teams take your data quality higher, with Data Architecture, Engineering, and Analytics Consulting.

QA & Testing

We have unique skills that make us exceptional testers – with the ability to notice patterns, identify anomalies, and focus over extended periods.

Software Development

Software development includes creation and modification of computer applications or specialized utility programs, including mobile apps.

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Your Partner for
Technology Consulting

As an award-winning technology consultancy, auticon recognizes that adults on the autism spectrum often have higher education in STEM and the talents for a career in technology. Despite this, many find it difficult to secure or maintain employment.

To help them succeed, auticon pairs it’s technology consultants with Job Coaches who provide a compassionate management style. auticon views the employment of its consultants as a win-win-win for clients, the autism community, and society.

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Our autistic technology consultants can assist you in transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

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Award-winning employer of autistic adults

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