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Software Development

auticon provides cutting edge software development solutions, helping  enterprise clients manage complex performance issues, new feature development, and user interface discovery.

Through a foundation of autism, our consultants skills are enhanced across the capabilities continuum, from Artificial Intelligence to Web-based application development.

We are able to offer outsourced software development, or the individual resources needed to supplement in-house development efforts with specific technological expertise.

Machine Learning

Data and programming

Artificial Intelligence

Data and programming

App Development

Design and development

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High performance
software development resources


Our autistic software programmers can collaborate with your internal developers and use programming languages such as C++ or Java to build out applications.

Software Engineers

Though the cognitive benefits of autism, our software engineers can bring creative solutions your software, structural, or commercial engineering projects.

Software Developers

Auticon's autistic software developers work across functional teams to transform requirements into features, managing development and processes, and perform testing.

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Improve and Innovate with autistic talent

And with auticon – you make a real difference by bringing people with autism back into a sustainable career.

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Share your talent needs with us today!

With Ohio-based autistic employees and local recruiting capabilities, auticon is perfectly aligned to find you the ideal technology consultants. Share with us your job requirements, staffing budget, and needed technical skills.

Bring us your diversity hiring goals and HR staffing expectations. We will work with you to ensure your partnership with auticon provides the neurodiverse inclusivity you’re looking for.

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