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Technical jobs skills for autistic job openings

We’re often asked about the technical jobs skills for autistic job openings at auticon. We hire for a wide variety of roles, ranging from software testing in quality assurance, to business intelligence, data analytics, software development and engineering, and more, but you may be wondering, “what skills do I need for a job at auticon?”

Every role we hire for will require a unique skillset, not only for the general type of role, but also based on specific client needs. At auticon, every one of our technical employees is working directly for and with top companies in tech, entertainment, healthcare, and more. Because of our client-based model, when we are hiring for a role, it’s typically based on a specific thing that a client needs from us, and that will determine the exact skills, such as programming languages or automation platforms, that you would need to be proficient in. 

In addition to the client-need, in general, there are a few things we look for in all auticon employees. We pride ourselves on having a supportive environment, so it’s important to us that our employees want to be a team-player and build a long and fulfilling career with auticon. We also look for some other skills that we know help us provide top quality work to our clients, such as attention to detail, a coachable mindset, and a logical thinking style. 

Are you still in school or totally new to tech? We do hire for entry-level roles, but if you’re not seeing those on our website right now, or you want to jumpstart your career with more advanced skills, below is a list compiled by one of our top technical project managers of our most requested skills by area of expertise. 

Frontend Programmer

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JavaScript Frameworks
    • React (First Option)
    • Angular (Second Option)

 Backend Programmer

  • Java, C#, Python, NodeJS
  • SQL

 Full Stack Programmer

  • Both Frontend and Backend

  Game Developer

  • C++ (Unreal Engine, etc.) or C# (Unity)

When just starting to explore tech as a career, we recommend trying a few things in different areas, if possible, to see which you really like, and then specialize in that area with more classes. 

To see we’re hiring for a role that you’re a perfect fit for, check out our list of careers for autistic people here.