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Autism Works in Ohio

What does auticon do?

We provide a neurodiverse, talented, agile workforce
to improve the performance of our client’s information technology projects. Our clients hire auticon to provide technology consultants to perform work for the client. 

Where do consultants perform work?

Great question. Our consultants work remotely or at our client's offices in the Columbus, Ohio area. We try to assign each consultant to a client close to home to reduce commuting.

Who are some of auticon's clients?

In Ohio, our client's include Nationwide, CoverMyMeds, White Castle, Inc. with new client's joining us all the time. Globally, our clients include Deloitte, Airbus, Warner Bros, Fox, Volkswagen, and more.

What does a job coach do?

Job coaches help our autistic employees succeed at work. They help with scheduling projects, understanding deadlines, communicating with client's, mental health, personal conduct, and more.

How much do consultants get paid?

Consultants are paid based on the job performed. For example, a "software engineer" is paid a competitive wage based on other software engineers in the Columbus, Ohio area. It's a professional salary.

What is neurodiversity?

The term “neurodiversity” means there are differences in brain function and behavioral traits regarded as part of a normal, naturally occurring variation in the human genome. As a result, auticon is a true example of an employer of neurodiverse people, including you.

Do you provide training?

Yes. We are working with One Columbus to provide career advancement training to encourage our employees to earn new skills and grow their career.

Is auticon a non profit charity?

No. auticon is a for profit private business operating in Ohio. We hire autistic adults as technology professionals and assign them work to support and improve our client's technology platforms.

How many auticon employees are autistic?

auticon's global teams include 300 employees and we're growing. About 200 of those employees are on the autism spectrum, making auticon one of the world's largest employees of autistic people.

Does auticon employe non-autistic people?

All our consultants are on the autism spectrum. An autism spectrum diagnosis is essential to work as an auticon consultant. Positions of the administrative team and job coach vacancies are open to autistic as well as non-autistic applicants.

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